Stakehill Local Industrial Decarbonisation Plan (LIDP) Making a better tomorrow

Stakehill is spearheading the decarbonisation of industrial estates and helping to drive Rochdale's green ambitions.


Play your part in Stakehill's greener future

Stakehill has been chosen as one of the flagships of The Local Industrial Decarbonisation Plan (LIDP), a scheme that aims to drive the decarbonisation of industrial estates across the UK. The project will turn Stakehill into a testing ground for a range of sustainable energy solutions.

The LIDP is spearheaded by the Rochdale Development Agency (RDA), with support from a broad range of stakeholders.

On this page, you can find details of what Stakehill LIDP aims to achieve, the benefits for your business, and what you can do to help make it happen.

Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson
Stakehill BID - Manager


Why decarbonisation matters

We all want to live on a safe and environmentally stable planet. Decarbonisation is the way we do it, by reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change. Greater Manchester aims to achieve net zero by 2038.

What has that got to do with Stakehill? Quite simply, industrial estates need to be part of the answer too. Stakehill will be a flagship example of how to identify and act on a range of energy-saving opportunities, saving money and helping the planet.


What LIDP will achieve

With Stakehill LIDP, we aim to show what businesses can do to help combat climate change, and the benefits those changes can bring.

Live Case Study

Stakehill Industrial Estate is a real time case study identifying the barriers and opportunities to decarbonisation in industry today.

Engagement with Stakehill Businesses

Through partnership with Stakehill businesses, LIDP will transform the entire estate into a dynamic testing ground, or living-lab, for sustainable energy solutions.

Energy Consumption Assessment

LIDP will assess energy consumption across Stakehill businesses, shedding light on carbon emissions and associated costs.

Energy Challenge Events

Hosting Energy Challenge events will provide businesses with actionable insights into energy-saving opportunities tailored to their specific needs.

Identification of Low Carbon Solutions

LIDP will identify and showcase low carbon opportunities for individual buildings and the estate as a whole.

Monetary Savings

By quantifying the linked monetary savings of these low carbon opportunities, LIDP aims to highlight the economic benefits of decarbonisation.

Funding Pathways

LIDP will develop accessible funding routes for businesses seeking to implement decarbonisation measures.

Decarbonisation Toolkit Development

All findings, data, and insights will be consolidated into a user-friendly Decarbonisation Toolkit, enabling implementation within Stakehill and sharing with other industrial estates nationwide.

World class expertise

Access to decarbonisation intelligence, world class academics, public bodies and leading renewable energy specialists.


Stakehill LIDP:
how you can help

Every business at Stakehill plays a crucial role in the success of the LIDP, but we’re not expecting the earth! It’s really easy to get involved and take the first steps towards a greener, cleaner future.

First, complete the energy use questionnaire (support is available from the LIDP team if you need it). After that, our Energy Challenge sessions will give you tailored advice on energysaving opportunities that can benefit both the environment and your bottom line.



Fill in the questionnaire when you get it. We can help if necessary.



We’ll use the result to accurately assess your energy use.



In our Energy Challenge sessions, you’ll get expert advice tailored to your business.



Together, we’ll lead Stakehill to a more sustainable future.

“This exciting project supports our existing mission to accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions in Greater Manchester and the clean energy transition and is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the power of collaboration in overcoming many of the barriers to decarbonisation faced by business. The project will enable Stakehill and other industrial estates to decarbonise more rapidly and become more sustainable, competitive and prosperous.”

David Schiele

Director of the Energy Innovation Agency

“This project highlights Rochdale’s commitment to take the lead on sustainable initiatives, and demonstrates our commitment to working cooperatively with businesses and other partner organisations for the benefit of our residents and environment.”

Councillor Philip Massey

Stakehill BID board member

“As a passionate advocate for delivering net zero solutions, SSE is excited to join this project and collaborate with stakeholders to create sustainable pathways for decarbonising the Stakehill Industrial Estate. This initiative aligns with Greater Manchester’s ambition to achieve net zero emissions by 2038, and we are dedicated to playing a pivotal role in making this vision a reality.”

Nathan Sanders

SSE Energy Solutions, Distributed Energy, Managing Director

“As Stakehill BID Chairman, I’m thrilled to announce our pivotal role in the Local Industrial Decarbonisation Plan for Stakehill Industrial Estate. Partnering with Rochdale Development Agency, SSE Utilities Solutions Ltd, Energy Innovation Agency, and Rochdale Borough Council, the BID serves as a driving force in fostering a sustainable business environment. This collaboration promises businesses on the estate a pathway to thrive in a greener future, simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint and ensuring long-term competitiveness.”

Anthony Smith

Chair of the Stakehill BID

“Rochdale’s dedication to spearheading sustainable initiatives is underscored by this project, showcasing our collaborative efforts with businesses and partner organisations for the betterment of our community.”

Councillor Tricia Ayrton

Assistant to Portfolio Holder for Climate Change and Environment


Tools & Resources

The Stakehill LIDP is spearheaded by the Rochdale Development Agency (RDA) in collaboration with Stakehill BID, Rochdale Council, SSE Solutions, the Energy Innovation Agency and the University of Manchester.

With each partner contributing unique expertise, the LIDP is a comprehensive and effective approach to decarbonisation, aligning with Greater Manchester’s ambitious goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2038.


Net Zero Ambition

Rochdale has an ambitious and practical climate change strategy. At its heart is the decision to work towards making Rochdale a carbon neutral borough by 2038. In recent years, floods in our borough have caused disruption to essential services and transport, and a loss of income for local businesses.

In addition, it’s estimated that around 4.2% of all deaths in Rochdale are related to respiratory diseases caused by air pollution.Climate change isn’t a distant, abstract problem. It affects all of us, and we all have a part to play in reducing its impact.

*GMCA targets for Greater Manchester 2038


What's happening at Stakehill?

Check back regularly and stay up to date with all the great things happening at Stakehill. See what other businesses are doing, keep an eye on upcoming events and learn more about Stakehill’s progress to becoming a cleaner, greener business park. There’ll be lots going on over the next few months, so please get involved.